Environmentally Friendly Boating Tips

TipsHere are a few easy tips that you can keep in mind if the environment is one of your top concerns while you are boating:

  • Always slow down when you are traveling in shallow water. This will help to protect the animals and plants that live there, since you will not be disrupting the underwater environment and you won’t stir up any sediment.
  • In order to reduce the consumption of fuel, you can slow down. Don’t keep your engine on full thrust at all times. If you are being forced to, get a bigger engine. Ensure the propeller is the right size too.
  • Create a float plan and ensure your engine is tuned for optimum efficiency. This will help minimize pollution as well. Use the correct grade of gasoline as well. Minimize the time spent idling at the dock too. Use dockside power as much as you can, so that you minimize the use of the onboard generators.
  • Don’t top off your fuel tank. Keep an absorbent pad handy for cleaning up fuel or oil spills. Report any spills right away. Don’t try dispersing the oil with the help of soap.
  • Dispose of all engine fluid properly. Boat maintenance and cleaning should be saved only for the boatyard. If performed on water, ensure all the waste is contained.
  • Only use environmentally friendly products for cleaning your boat. Make sure they are non-toxic, biodegradable, and phosphate-free.
  • And lastly, visit marinas that are environmentally conscious. They are the best ones to help you get rid of oil, aluminum, plastic, etc.

Keeping the above in mind is more than enough to ensure you are doing your part for the environment while enjoying your boat and the open seas. If you have any doubts, be sure to speak with an environmental specialist. They will certainly be able to provide some guidance.