Fitness and Sailing

Laser_Radial_160588_02Sailing isn’t just beneficial for the body but also for the mind. There is no better way of maintaining a good fitness regimen while relaxing in the sun. Here are a few of the advantages of sailing when it comes to health:

Physical Fitness

There is a lot of work that goes with sailing. These constant tasks to ensure the boat sails smoothly can help strengthen and build your muscles a great deal, especially in your abdomen and extremities. Flexibility, endurance and agility will be enhanced as well.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Just like any physical activity or sport, sailing can help keep you fit and reduce the risk of hypertension, heart disease, obesity and even lower your cholesterol levels. It can help strengthen your heart, which will make it more effective at pumping blood through your body and will also help you work at maximum levels with minimum effort. Your resting heart rate will reduce too, since you will not need to put in that much effort into pumping blood anymore.


The sounds of the wind, the waves, the splashing of water, etc. can stimulate your brain waves and promote a calming and relaxing effect on a person. The mind and body are alleviated from stress and anxiety and you can become focused and relaxed from performing exciting and fun tasks.


Your concentration levels are also enhanced and developed while you are sailing, since you will need to be focused mentally in order to perform multiple challenging tasks.

Apart from these fitness benefits, boating also provides a great opportunity for people to socialize and spend a lot of time outdoors and get a regular dose of fresh air, surrounded by a positive ambience. It also helps build a better and healthier appreciation of nature. You too can give this calming sport a shot.