The Irish Sailing Awards

TeamIrelandCaptainAnthonyOLearyOnAntixJuly2014_largeThis is a sailing event that is held each year in Ireland. It helps bring the entire Irish sailing community together. The objective here is to recognize all of the major achievements of Irish sailing. It also provides a national platform for the interaction between clubs, sailors and centers.

The four categories of awards are as follows:

Afloat Sailor

This celebrates various achievements in the field of sailing. Judges here can be guided by the maritime and public communities while deciding the winner. This award is designed specially to salute the sailing elite of Ireland.

Youth Sailor

The nominees for the award are selected on the basis of European and world championships. Every nominee gets an award and the announcement for the youth sailor is made in front of state dignitaries, key stakeholders and the media.

Training Center

A regional winner is chosen every year from all of the regional divisions of the ISA. These awards celebrate the achievements in sailing, as well as all of the excellent work training centers put in while training their people to reach the highest possible standards. Every regional winner gets an award here, but there is also an overall winner, which is announced at the final ceremony.

Club of the Year

The main purpose of this award is highlighting and honoring the voluntary effort that is involved in the creation and maintenance of the best and most popular sailing and yacht clubs in Ireland. During their assessment, judges take a number of different factors into account, like member satisfaction, the way the club is being run, the effectiveness of a club in meeting members’ needs, the way it encourages the development and training of sailors, etc. Even though this award is presented for achievements during the previous year, it’s intended to reflect ongoing success too.